This competition is only open to paid members of the Hill Country Camera Club  

Maximum # of Entries:          Two (2)
Closing Date:                         March 17, 2019  (FIRM)
Judging Date:                        April 1, 2019
Results Posted:                     May 7, 2019   (results posted on website)
Slide Show Presentation:     May 14, 2019   (talking slide show presented at May meeting)

Entry Rules

Two (2) digital images per member may be submitted for this competition.  Images may be of any subject and any color.  Images may be enhanced or manipulated.  The only restriction is: they must be photographs, not constructed by the artists hand.  Please remove your name or logo from the images you are submitting.

Images submitted for this competition should be e-mailed to the exhibition chairperson.   Images may be attached to separate e-mail messages or sent together in one message.  The use of DROPBOX is also acceptable.  The e-mail address of the chairperson is:  Images can also be given to Vince at the March 12th meeting if they are on a CD/DVD disc or a flash drive.  Flash drives will be returned to the owner at the May meeting.

File names must include your first & last name and a sequence number.  Example: my 2 entries would be renamed, 'Vince Rifici (1).jpg, Vince Rifici (2).jpg.'  It is imperative that you know how to rename your entries.  If you are unsure, please click on 'RENAMING IMAGES' on the sidebar.  (Most Important!)

Images must be submitted to the chairperson no later than the closing date (SEE ABOVE).  The chairperson will disqualify any images which are sent in late, or are not titled (renamed) correctly.  Please state in your e-mail message that the attached image(s) is for the outside competition.