General Notes About the Competition

The Hill Country Camera Club will be holding its seventh digital projected competition.  It will be presented to an outside judge to be criticized and ranked.  Here is how it works:

Members will e-mail their images to the exhibition chairperson, who will place them on a CD, along with a small electronic voice recorder, and mail it to the judge.  Each image will be impressed with a number so the judge can record comments as they are viewed.  The recorded comments will be sent back to the chairperson, who will match them up to the appropriate image.  The chairperson will then present the results in the form of a slide show, with spoken comments, at the May 2018 meeting.

The judge will be asked to choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winner, and and 1 Honorable Mention.  Commendation ribbons will be presented to the chosen award winners.

Our judge this year is: Lou Mazzatenta.   Lou spent his career as a photojournalist with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine.  He's traveled the world on assignment for the magazine, and hundreds of his images have been published in it.  He served many years as the magazine's Photo Editor in Washington, D.C.  Lou earned a B.A. in journalism at Ohio University and an M.A. in photojournalism at Northwestern University.  He's now retired and resides in Virginia.