Renaming Images

File names must include your first & last name and a sequence number.  Example: my 2 entries would be renamed 'Vince Rifici (1).jpg, Vince Rifici (2).jpg.'  It is imperative that you know how to rename your entries.  See the following procedure for renaming.



Changing file names on a Windows PC is very simple.  First, you must know where your image is located on your PC.  It is usually in a folder somewhere on the hard drive (C:).  On your desktop, double click on 'My Computer' (or just 'Computer') and click on 'C Drive.'  Then, navigate to the folder that contains your image.  Click on the folder to open it, and navigate to the file (image).  Move your mouse pointer on top of the image file and right click.  In the dialog box that appears, left click on 'RENAME' . Then, simply rename the file and hit 'ENTER.'  Walla!, the name has been changed!  (make sure the file extension is the same as the original, usually .jpg)