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(AS REVISED JUNE 11, 2009)

(AS REVISED MAY 13,2018)






 This unincorporated nonprofit association shall be known as the Hill Country Camera Club.






 The purpose of the Hill Country Camera Club is to further the enjoyment and mastery of

photography through (i) the presentation and exhibition of the images of its members; (ii) sponsorship

and teaching of photography classes; (iii) lectures and demonstrations of cameras, associated

equipment and post processing software; and (iv) cooperation, efforts and good fellowship of its







 Any person seriously interested in photography and willing to participate in the activities of the

organization may apply for and become a member by paying the annual dues. Membership of any

person may be suspended, when sufficient reasons exist, by action of the Board of Directors. The

suspended member shall have the right to appeal suspension, in which case the action of the Executive

Board shall be upheld or rescinded by a majority vote of the Membership present at the next meeting

after the action of the Board of Directors. If the action of the Board of Directors suspending the

member shall be taken less than one week before the next scheduled meeting of the members, the

suspended member shall be entitled to request a special meeting of the members to consider their

appeal. Suspension shall result in ejection from any meeting and Exhibit or show.


 Visitors and guests are welcomed and encouraged. Any visitor or guest who attends more than

two consecutive monthly meetings will be required to join as a member.






 (a) Regular meetings of the Club will be held on the second Tuesday of each month, other than

December, at 7:00 pm at the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center (KACC) or at such place as the Executive Board shall

select. No notice other than email notice of the regular meeting shall be given to the members unless

the meeting is scheduled at a place other than the KACC. Notice of any special

meeting of the members shall be given by written, telephonic, or electronic notice at least three days

prior to the meeting.


 (b) The format of each meeting shall consist of a business session, a program or workshop, and

a showing of photograph images as time permits.


 (c) The December meeting shall consist of a dinner and a display of member's photographic

images and shall be held at such place as the Executive Board shall select.


 (d) Special meetings of the members may be called by the President, a majority of the Board of

Directors, or by petition of not less than twenty percent of the members.


 (e) A quorum for any meeting at which these By-Laws shall be amended, election of officers

shall take place, or an appeal of the decision of the Board of Directors shall be not less than 20 percent

of the members to vote.


 (f) Meetings shall conform to the latest revision of Robert's Rules of Order.






 The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than four and not more than seven members of

the Club. The Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President and Program Chairperson, Secretary,

Treasurer, and up to three at-large members.


 The following Officers, who shall be members of the Club, shall be elected by a majority vote of

the members at the June meeting at which a quorum of members shall be present.


1. President

2. Vice-President and Program Chairperson

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer  


 The term of all Officers shall be from January 1st to December 31st of the twelve months for which they

have been elected.


 The Board shall meet at least four times a year and may meet as many times as determined by

the President.


 Vacancies in any office may be filled by appointment of the President subject to the approval of

the Board of Directors The Board shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of three members

of the Club on or before July 1st to prepare a slate of nominees for the various offices. Such slate

shall be presented to the members at the October meeting and the members may nominate any other

members at such meeting or at the November meeting prior to the vote.






1. The President shall preside at all Club meetings; appoint members to fill vacancies among the

other Officers; appoint members to regular and special committees; chair the Board of

 Directors; call special meeting of the members; act as the agent for the Club in all dealings with

outside entities, including other clubs, KED, and the Kerrville Arts and Cultural Center including

determining the date for and duration of the annual PhotoQuest Show; appoint committee

chairpersons; and generally supervise all Club activities.


2. Duties of the Vice President and Program Chairperson shall be to assume the duties of the

President in his or her absence; chair the Program Committee; and act as a member of the

Board of Directors.


3. Duties of the Secretary shall be to maintain a list of all members, their addresses, phone

numbers, and email addresses and provide such list to all members as a membership directory;

send out notices of meetings of the members; maintain minutes of the business portion of each

meeting; advise the Board of Directors of members who are delinquent in payment of dues;

maintain the By-Laws; and act as a member of the Board of Directors.


4. Duties of the Treasurer shall be to receive and record all monies paid in or otherwise due the

Club including membership dues; maintain and report the financial status of the Club; Advise the

Secretary of all members who are delinquent in the payment of dues, keep custody of the Club's

financial records and issue payments as directed by the Board of Directors; and act as a member

of the Board of Directors.


5. Duties of the Exhibit Chairperson shall be to chair the Exhibit Committee; coordinate and

supervise all aspects of Club exhibits; accept images for showing at each monthly meetings and

be responsible for showing digital images on the projector and displaying prints in the light box.


6. Duties of the KACC PhotoQuest Show Chairperson shall be to chair the PhotoQuest Committee;

obtain dates and space for the show and coordinate and supervise all aspects of the show.


7. Duties of the Publicity Chairperson shall be to establish and maintain public awareness of the

Club's activities including the exhibition of member images at public locations and KACC.






1. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Club; establish a

budget for the Club; approve the incurring of all obligations of the Club and approve payment of

the same by the Treasurer; review the status of any member reported as delinquent in dues or

whose actions may be detrimental to the welfare of the Club and where cause is determined,

suspend such member; and appoint the Nominating Committee.


2. The Program Committee shall obtain programs, speakers, and workshop leaders for each



3. The Exhibit Committee shall be responsible for acting as custodian for the club's projection

equipment, set-up and take-down the club's projector and light box at each meeting, maintain

a record of all images submitted for monthly "show & tell" (digital images and prints), select the

subject print for display at the KACC, and select a year-end award for the best digital image to

be awarded at the December annual dinner.


4. The PhotoQuest Committee shall coordinate the receipt of entries including the recording of the

title of the entry, the name of the entrant; be responsible for hanging the entries, posting the

entry information; secure judge(s) for the event; coordinate any receptions; and otherwise

supervise the event.






 The annual dues shall be established by the Board of Directors on or before January 1st of each

year. The initial dues shall be $20 per member. Any new member joining the Club shall pay the full

annual dues up to November 1st. Any new member joining in November or December shall pay the

annual dues upon joining, but shall have such dues credited to the following calendar year.


 Failure to pay the annual dues by the March meeting of the Members shall make the member

delinquent and subject to suspension. If suspended for failure to pay the annual dues, the suspended

member may be reinstated upon payment of the annual dues.






 Revisions to the By-Laws may be suggested in writing by any member to the Board of Directors.

Any such revision shall be considered by the Board of Directors within 30 days and either submitted to

the membership at the next monthly meeting or rejected. If rejected, the reason for such rejection shall

be provided in writing to the member suggesting such revision. If not less than twenty percent of the

members submit a proposed written revision to the Board of Directors, such revision shall be submitted

to the membership for approval or rejection at the next monthly meeting.


 Any revisions to the By Laws submitted to the members shall be in writing and shall be adopted

upon receipt of sixty percent of the members present and voting at the meeting at which such revisions

are submitted. Failure to obtain sixty percent of the votes of the members shall result in rejection of the

proposed revision.