Upcoming Field Trips 

Posted November 7, 2018

Lost Maples Field Trip  (CANCELLED)

I forgot that this upcoming Monday is Veterans Day and that if we go to Lost Maples then, it will likely be crowded. We may not be able to go into the park because they will have "closed the gate". So, we are rescheduling the field trip to Wednesday the 14th. We will meet at 6:30 AM at the HEB on South Sidney Baker to carpool. We arrive at Lost Maples around sunup. Bring a sack lunch and a drink for a picnic after our hike.

PS: Us veterans can take advantage of the freebies and discounts at Chilis and other restaurants on Veterans Day.

Posted July 24, 2017

Photo Walk in San Antonio

October 14, 10 am - Photo Walk with Greater San Antonio Camera Club at the Pearl Brewery. Email Jake Pratt for more informaion: joejakepratt@aol.com

Also see the Pearl Brewery website:

And the GSA Photo Club site:

Like all great neighborhoods, Pearl has a rich history that is added to and upheld by the many people who have ties to the place - the buildings, the river, the brewery since it was founded in 1881.  Pearl is also a place where we like to get together – to share meals, to learn, to work, to live.  With fifteen restaurants and cafes, thirteen retailers and eighteen resident businesses as well as a twice weekly Farmers Market, this neighborhood is always full of life and activity.


Posted July 3, 2017

Camera Club Group Photo Outing at Riverside Nature Center

Saturday, July 15, 8-10 am

Susan Sander, founder of the Riverside Nature and resident naturalist, has invited us to make a visual record of those things that interest visitors. Is it the flowers, plants, birds, insects, butterflies, lizards, trees or something else? What are you hoping to see? This also is an opportunity to practice your macro photography, panoramas, people watching or birding skills. Maybe you have a special piece of equipment you want to learn more about.

The monthly guided Bird Walk is scheduled from 8-9 am the same day. Some of us might want to tag along, then finish up inside the compound.

Bring a sack lunch for a mini-picnic after the shooting session.

Review your images, pick your 10 best and copy them to a flash drive to share with the Riverside Nature Center. We also may use them in a presentation at future meeting.


Posted March 11 2016

Light Painting Field Trip

The idea of Light Painting as a club field trip has been in the planning stage for some time ,the problem was finding a suitable location. Tierra Linda (local) was suggested an several of us went out and tried it, we had fun and got some good photography. The location may be less desirable once the trees get their leaves and dark comes later in the day, thus the short time line.

WHEN: Monday March 14th

DETAILS: 1. Meet in Lowe's Parking lot at 7:30 PM
2. Depart Lowe's in convoy at 7:40 PM
3. Bring Tripod
4. Bring a camera capable of manual focus, 10 to 30 second time exposure and manual control of the aperture.
5. Bring small flashlight for use setting up your camera in the dark and walking.
6. Bring powerful wide beam flashlight for painting if desired.
7. If you want to join us please call Diana Nelson at 830-896-1191 or 830-285-0871 after 7:15 PM


Posted November 29, 2015

Field Trip to Johnson City to photograph Christmas lights
Date: Nov 30, 2015


Johnson City Christmas Lights Field Trip
We will meet at Mr. Gatti's on Monday November 30th at 5 PM
At about 5:10 we will leave for Johnson City and when we return many of us will stay for dinner at Mr. Gatti's
Please call Diana at 830-896-1191 before 4PM if you signed up for the trip and can not make it or if you want to go and after 4 PM please call her cell number 830-285-0871


Posted August 28, 2015


Here is the information for our next field trip. Andy has approved it. We will not go if it is cloudy, so folks need to register with their phone numbers so they can be notified in case we cancel.
Vince, would you post this on the website, please. I will put it on Facebook. SJ


Milky Way Field Trip with Andy
Sunday, September 13th
Meet at Lowe’s parking lot near the garden center. We leave promptly at 9 pm.
Bring: camera, tripod, flashlight, and the widest and fastest lens you have.

Call Diana at 830-896-1191 to register. If we can’t go for some reason, we will call you if you are registered.
If you can’t come at the last minute, call Diana at 830-285-0871 so we don’t wait for you.

Posted May 30, 2015

We can’t get enough of it!
Special opportunity to photograph the Neunhoffer Ranch the week of July 6th- July 11th.
Please call Mr. Neunhoffer before going out to the Ranch. His number is 257-8168.
SUNDAY IS NOT INCLUDED in this generous gift to Hill Country Camera Club members.
Don’t CALL on Sunday either.
You may bring a guest.

Directions: Take Hwy 16 South about 7 miles after you cross the Guadalupe River. Turn left on FM 2771 (at the flashing light). The Neunhoffer Ranch is about 1 1/2 miles after you turn off Hwy 16. After you turn on to FM 2771 (which is Lower Turtle Creek Road), you will pass Fall Creek Road on the right; the Neunhoffer Ranch is the next driveway on your right.
If you have questions call Diana AFTER June 28th at 896-1191.
From: "Bob and Diana Nelson" <bnelson@wcc.net>
Subject: Direction to Neunhoffer Ranch
Date: May 30, 2015 at 4:56:39 PM CDT
If there is a problem please call me.
My cell phone is 285-0871.
If anyone has any questions they can call me after the 28th of June, on my home phone number 896-1191
have a fun trip.


Posted Nov 30, 2014

Johnson City Christmas Light Field Trip

Monday, December 1st

Meet in Lowe’s Parking Lot (near the garden center) to carpool

We leave at 4 P.M.


You can meet us at Mr. Gatti”s in Fredericksburg before 4:30 or at the courthouse in Johnson City around 5. We will come back to have dinner at Mr. Gatti’s in Fredericksburg after photographing the lights at the Pedernales Electric Coop.


Call Diana Nelson at (830) 896-1191 to register.

(on the day call Diana’s cell at (830) 285-0871 if you have a problem meeting up with us when you have said you will so we won’t wait)

Members, spouses and guests all welcome!


Posted Nov 14, 2014

Lost Maples State Park Field Trip

Wednesday, November 19th

Meet at 6 A.M. at HEB parking lot on Hwy 16 South to carpool

We leave no later than 6:10

Bring a sack lunch and something to drink. We will picnic after hiking.


Call Diana Nelson at (830) 896-1191 to register

(on the day call Diana’s cell at (830) 285-0871 if you have a problem, so we won’t wait or hunt for you at the Park)

Members, spouses and guests all welcome!

Posted Oct 13, 2014

Who: Hill Country Camera Club Members, spouses and guests
Where: Meet NO LATER THAN 9 AM in front of The Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center at 618 N Main Street, Schulenburg, Texas
Cost: $20 Per Person
When: Monday October 20th
To sign up: Call Diana Nelson at 830-896-1191 or sign up at the Club meeting on October 14th
You will need to pay Diana in advance. Make checks payable to Diana Nelson. (I prepay for most of us in order to request a guide for that day) I will hold all checks and cash until after the trip in case you could not make the trip, then I will return your checks or cash to you.
Only on the day of the trip can you call us on our cell phones.
Diana 830-285-0871 and Bob 830-285-6833.
I will pass out directions at the meeting.
Thanks, Diana Nelson

Posted June 15, 2014

Hill Country Camera Club members will be making a field trip to the Neunhoffer Ranch, south of town on Hwy 16 on Tuesday, June 24th. Bob and Diana Nelson will be leading us as they have been there a number of times.  We will meet at the new HEB (the old Albertson’s) parking lot on South Sidney Baker at 6:45 a.m. and form carpools to caravan from there. 

Here’s who is going as of today:
CF Proud
Dock Sewell
Wade Sellers
Deb Johnson
SJ Derby
Roger and Dell Gorden
Bob and Diana Nelson

Please call Diana at 830-285-0871 if you are not coming or are not arriving on time, so we will not wait for you.
Call SJ at 830-896-9695 if you want to join the group.
Otherwise, you are welcome to go out there during that week on your own after making a reservation with Mr. Neunhoffer as per the instructions received at the camera club meeting.  

Posted June 14, 2014

Many of you indicated a desire to make the field trip to the Neunhoffer Ranch together, so here are a couple of options.  Please pick the dates you can make, and we will schedule so the most of those replying by Saturday night can attend.  Bob thinks we should arrive early in the morning, so we are aiming for that. He and Diana will be our guides.  They have been there multiple times. If you are just going on your own, do your own thing. We’ll figure a meeting time in the next email.

Group visit to Neunhoffer Ranch: Vote for all the dates you can make
Tuesday, June 24th
Wednesday, June 25th
Friday, June 27th

The Neunhoffer Ranch has many features of interest to the photographer, old buildings, old cars and trucks etc… The plein air painters loved it there last year!

Respond to:
SJ Derby, jderby@ktc.com or 830-896-9695.

Posted April 25, 2013

YO Ranch Field Trip

Where:   YO Ranch

When:     Monday  May 13th
Meet in the parking lot behind Cracker Barrel  at 8:10 and leave at 8:25 sharp.  We will carpool.
Route  Turn left out of Cracker Barrel parking lot
            Turn left on to I10 West
            Take the Mountain Home exit # 490 Turn left on to HWY 41 West
            Turn onto YO Ranch road in about a mile we will come to a locked gate, from the gate to the headquarters
             building is about  8  miles, this part of the road is very ruff.
            If you have any questions please contact Diana Nelson at 896-1191 
            On the day of the trip you can call Diana on her cell phone  830-285-0871 
Price:   $35.17 which includes lunch (we need to give them a head count, so they how many to feed)


             You may pay at the YO or Mail a check to
              Diana Nelson
              215 Scenic Hill Road
              Kerrville Tx 78028 



Johnson City Christmas Light Field Trip

Monday, December 3rd at 4 PM and leaving at 4:15 sharp
Hill Country Camera Club members and guests are invited
We will meet in the back parking lot of Cracker Barrel
Call Diana Nelson to sign up at 830-896-1191
If you have signed up and can't come or are delayed on Monday, please call Diana at 830-896-1191 and after 4 PM call her cell phone at 830-285-0871
We will carpool
We will stop at Mr. Gattis in Fredericksburg on the way home.



Monday, November 12, 2012
 Why: It's Here, It's Here - Peak Fall Foliage at Lost Maples State Park!
 What: field trip to Lost Maples State Park
 Who:  Hill Country Camera Club members and guests
 Where: meeting in the back parking lot of Cracker Barrel
When: Monday, November 12th, meeting at 6 am, leaving at 6:10 sharp, returning by mid afternoon.
 (Why are we not going on the weekend? Ask anyone who has tried to go on the peak weekend!)
 How: call Diana to sign up to go at 896-1191
 If you have signed up and can't come or are delayed on Monday, call Diana at 830-285-0871 so we know not to wait.
 We will carpool.

Bring a picnic lunch.

HCCC May Field Trip - Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Primary Activities:
Railroad Photography -
Flatonia offers one of the few dedicated rail-fan photography pavilions in the United States.  The platform/pavilion is located just west of Central/Downtown Flatonia adjacent to the 4-way N-S-E-W junction of the Union Pacific Railroad, as part of the Flatonia Rail Park.
The historic Switch Tower, Caboose #4743, Freight Depot, and Flatonia Depot are located just east of the photo pavilion.  We will arrange for a tour of the Switch Tower at some point during the day, opportunity/schedule allowing.
Approximately 30 - 40 active trains pass through this track section daily, it is one of the most active in the area and offers an excellent opportunity for photographing both moving, as well as stationary locomotives, complete trains, and rolling stock in the switch yard.
Here is a link to the Flatonia Rail Park for more information:  http://www.railcrossroadstx.com/index.html
For those less interested in railroads and railroad photography, there are numerous other opportunities for photography and relaxation in Flatonia:
Painted Church -
One of the eight historic Painted Churches is located in Flatonia, St. Mary's Church of the Assumption,  built in 1895.  St. Mary's will be open and available for individual tours at no cost.
Antiques and Historic Buildings –
There are numerous antique shops and historic buildings in and around Flatonia, as well as many Czech cultural heritage sites.   
You can find out more about Flatonia and the surrounding area here:
and here:
The field trip will be somewhat self-organizing/self-directed due to the number of activities, distance and other factors.  We plan to depart from Kerrville the morning of the 19th at 7:00am from the Cracker Barrel parking lot located at N. Sidney Baker and I-10.  Flatonia is approximately a 2-1/2 – 3 hour drive from Kerrville.  Those interested in car-pooling can coordinate through Coyne or Vicki Gibson.
As a group we will attempt to congregate at the rail photo pavilion in Flatonia between 9:30am and 10:00am.  There are numerous places in the square to eat, or you may bring lunch and drinks as you see fit - picnic tables are available in the pavilion area.  We would plan a return to Kerrville sometime after 6:00pm Saturday evening.
If you need more info or want to carpool please contact Coyne or Vicki:
Coyne: (830) 928-2167 coyneg@gmail.com
For the most up-to-date information visit: www.hillcountrycameraclub.com